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Sharing information within complex structures such as clinics and medical centers is not an easy task: several applications generating critical data for the management of the institution are used whether by the nursing or the administrative staff. With Qlinik toolkit, benefit from our developments for the health ecosystem since 2012. Our data alchemists have been able to reconcile data sources and automate reporting, providing proven numbers to all stakeholders.

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Analyze indicators such as the occupancy rate of resources (rooms, nursing staff) and the average length of stay at a glance with our dashboards interfaced with OPALE
Qlinik toolkit - Blocs opératoires
Monitor operating room activities and analyze data from ClevEHR: this screen provides an overview comparing operations performed per room and/or per physician VS previous period

Explore activities in your clinic at 360°. Analyze results and set reports globally, by service, by employee or by patient

Key features

Qlinik toolkit offers dashboards that reconcile various data sources (e.g. Opale, Polypoint, ClevEHR, Carefolio, etc.) within a medical institution, providing synthetic views on: 

Compatibility : ClevEHR, Opale, Polypoint, EDL

Types of visits (illness, accident, outpatient, hospitalization, maternity)

The use of human resources, rooms and technical equipments

Analysis of medical services occurred

Personalized financial statements, automatically distributed


Normalized data

same information distributed to
to all your teams

> 2 days

each month, for the preparation and
sending of financial reports


Dashboards easy to read and adaptable to the specific needs of an institution

Data available daily on customized dashboards or reinjected into your information systems

Optimization of medical coding that can lead to an acceleration of the reimbursement process

Significant time savings with automated monthly reports

Our on-demand webinars

OPALE, ClevEHR: Instantly interact with multi-source data [Record only in FR]

The specific developments carried out by CALYPS for the healthcare ecosystem since 2012 have made it possible to exploit the available data sources in order to automate reporting, offering proven figures for the administration, the finance department, the medical department or the human resources department.

OPALE, POLYPOINT: HR management in a hospital environment [Record only in FR] ​

Sharing information within complex organisations such as regional hospitals or clinics is not an easy task. Several applications generating critical data for the management of the institution are essential to the nursing and administrative staff.

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