Predicting the daily number of emergency admissions

The EMERGENCIES module allows to predict admissions for the 5 to 7 upcoming days, to understand the influencing factors and to deduce the impact on the Emergency department (stress, >75 years old, hospitalizations, discharges etc.). Coupled with the JOURNEY module, it manages the transit of patients from upstream to downstream, simplifying the coordination between healthcare teams.

CALYPS Saniia - Emergencies module (3)
Predictions are presented by histograms or by "dots" whose color varies according to stress. In dark grey, the measured values, in light grey the current values, in light blue the predictions. The blue points are the concordance values. For each indicator, the factors influencing predictions are provided.
CALYPS Saniia - Emergencies module
On this screen, predictions previously made are recorded over the last 7 days and compared to the current ones.
CALYPS Saniia - Emergencies module (4)
CALYPS Saniia - Hospitalizations module

With a few clicks, the mobile application identifies patients and proceeds to a bed or a discharge. This process eases the burden on caregivers and ensures a precise follow-up of all movements.

Reduce caregiver stress and improve quality of care by predicting admissions (including seniors), stress, discharges, hospitalizations

Key features

CALYPS Saniia’s AI solution reduces coordination time between upstream and downstream service teams. It facilitates resource planning, simplifies flow management, maximizes bed occupancy and limits unwanted stays. It also reduces the workload of the nursing staff.

Regardless of the size of the healthcare institution, the EMERGENCIES module provides:

Predictions of the number of admissions up to 7 days in advance, with a special focus on weekends

A view on the next 3 hours regarding [a] the upcoming admissions [b] the stress within the department [c] the resulting hospitalizations and [d] the available beds

A forecast on the evolution of epidemics, including COVID-19


- stress

for the care teams
(compared to a team without Saniia)

+ information

for both caregivers and patients

+ quality

in patient care


Predictions updated every 5 min. with an average relevance over 85%.

Dynamic, multi-screen dashboards, differentiated by function

Increased ability of health care teams to anticipate activity peaks

Record&Verify system for each KPI (predictions generated, reality measured, error rate)


EMERGENCIES requires the DATA SOCKET module. Some functionalities are only available when the JOURNEY and/or HOSPITALIZATIONS and/or COCKPIT modules are activated.

24 months of data history are required for optimal operation.

CALYPS Saniia revolutionises the way a service such as ours is approached and enables us to anticipate tension within the hospital. The results are impressive: they help my teams to better respond to the challenges posed by the constant increase in admissions.

Head of the Emergency Department at Valenciennes General Hospital

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