SWISS RISK & CARE is an independent, multi-specialist, and a reference in insurance, provident, and HR services. The company was born from a grouping of 7 brokers who share the same vision of their consulting business.


Core business of SWISS RISK & CARE: managing employees absences

SWISS RISK & CARE takes care of managing the absences of its clients’ employees on their behalf. Thus, it collects information related to absences (short, medium, or long term). In more detail, it manages the inherent formalities, ensures the follow-up of the employees, and makes sure that everything fits into the framework fixed with the insurers. If requested, the company provides its clients with the necessary arguments to optimize the related contracts.

Leverage data to anticipate absences and prevent consequences

SWISS RISK & CARE uses a large amount of data. They are mainly gathered within its specialized software (called UNIPRO) and their analysis is complex. This is due to the numerous rules and exceptions underlying the follow-up of absences. The management of SWISS RISK & CARE has observed that although a great deal of information is available, it could be analyzed with more granularity. The objective is to better measure (or even anticipate) an absence and to prevent consequences impacting the performance of clients. Current reports contain basic statistics, and SWISS RISK & CARE now needs a more powerful tool to decipher the information hidden in data. Their aim is to detect possible correlations and to share them all easily and securely.


Innovative dashboard to reveal the reality behind the scenes

After an analysis of the situation, CALYPS first defined and documented the needs. This process allowed SWISS RISK & CARE to understand the scope of the needs and to revise its requests accordingly, but also to ensure the continuity of the knowledge and its easy transmission. CALYPS then proposed an Advanced Analytics solution based on an innovative dashboard that makes it possible to easily reconcile all available data, visualize it, to draw all indicators required to refine the understanding and reveal the reality hidden behind absences. In addition, the solution generates customized reports in .pdf format that closely adhere to the SWISS RISK & CARE corporate identity.

Reconciling data daily to increase performance

The solution is empowered by Qlik Sense® for ETL, indicator calculation and visualization, and Qlik NPrinting® for automated report generation and delivery. It reconciles all necessary data on a daily basis and stores it on optimized files in Qlik format, increasing performance and simplifying management. It automatically generates a customized report for each SWISS RISK & CARE customer and manages it according to specific constraints (including storage and archiving) at the defined rate. Finally, thanks to the integrated functions of controlled governance, the solution facilitates access and sharing of value-added information, while remaining secure and strictly limited to authorized persons.


The added value of the solution built and deployed by CALYPS is created by:

The automated collection and aggregation of data sources

The ease with which users explore and visualize key performance indicators

Secure, ubiquitous and multi-device dashboard access

The ability to generate and send customized reports in the desired format and according to specific constraints

A coherent, unified, reliable and high-performance technical architecture

Deployment and commissioning with little impact on operational activities

Interactive and accurate documentation for efficient knowledge sharing


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