For more than 35 years, the LAURASTAR brand was recognized worldwide as a specialist in ultra-fine and powerful steam. The company was also committed to quality and excellence. Its products are exported to more than forty countries. As a result, this footprint is propelling the company to the rank of the world leader in professional ironing systems for home use.


Centralizing all marketing data in a single CRM

LAURASTAR already had literacy in Business Intelligence and was aware of the importance of data. The company knew about the difficulty of processing data to extract value from it. Consequently, the company has recently begun to concentrate all its data around a single CRM. Synchronized with Oracle ERP and eSHOP, the CRM reconciles all operational information used by marketing, sales, and customer support. On top of that, this information is available via a dedicated interface, allowing operators to access all customer information (profile, history, meta-information, etc.).

Listening to the customer's voice to make data driven decisions

If information exists, it proves to be complicated to grasp. Moreover, the management feels that this data could be analyzed with more granularity. The objective is to measure and anticipate the customer’s voice and to better take advantage of it. As we know, CRM produces statistics, but LAURASTAR increasingly needs to rely on a more powerful tool. More precisely, this tool should allow LAURASTAR to decrypt the information in the CRM, analyze its various components, detect possible correlations, and easily share findings.


Predicting propensity to respond to marketing campaigns

After an analysis of the situation, CALYPS provides an Advanced Analytics application that allows to easily reconcile data, visualize it and draw all the descriptive statistics. As a result, LAURASTAR can refine knowledge and better understand the reality behind transactions. Moreover, it allows LAURASTAR to better orient its marketing actions by providing lists of customers more likely to positively respond to campaigns.

Combining R and Qlik Sense ® to increase performance

The solution provided by CALYPS is based on predictive algorithms (developed on R) and uses Qlik Sense ® for visualization. It reconciles all required data on a daily basis and stores it on flat, ready-to-use files. In a nutshell, this approach increases performance and simplifies backup because the flat files are easy to administer and quickly processed by Qlik Sense, which optimizes the user experience. Finally, thanks to its integrated governance-based sharing capabilities, value-added information has never been easier to access. It is also completely secure and strictly limited to authorized individuals.


An innovative solution giving LAURASTAR the ability to better understand its reality. LAURASTAR can share analytical findings with the right people, draw them into tangible actions, with a positive impact on turnover:

Automated data aggregation and processing by specialized algorithms from Data Science

Ease of exploration and visualization of information

Ubiquitous and multi-device access

Simplified implementation and accelerated commissioning


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