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Our data alchemists are here to help you move from data to digital transformation at a time when data has become the “oil of the 21st century”. For over twenty years, CALYPS has been promoting the fair use of information derived from data.


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By providing concrete, data-driven information, we give our customers quality evidence and time to make better decisions. Our ambition is to provide our customers with high-performance data solutions enabling them to better understand their reality and anticipate its impact.

Data Expertise

Data Integration

Through Data Integration, we’ll help you select the data integration tools and techniques best suited to your needs, and determine where you need to integrate your data, whether in a data lake, data warehouse or dimensional warehouse.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense lets you quickly create visualizations, explore data in depth and instantly share information to reveal connections in your data…

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business intelligence (BI), reporting and data visualization tools. It stands out for its streamlined publishing and distribution capabilities…

Support et accompagnement

Book a 20, 40 or 80-hour support package online and help your company become a leading information-driven organization, with Business Intelligence or Data Science support.

Medical-economic solutions

Qlinik Toolkit

Tailor-made developments that adapt to your software and reconcile different data sources, making them interoperable.

Qlinik for Mediway

The reporting tool that connects natively to Mediway, the benchmark solution for billing, appointment scheduling and electronic patient records.


The flow management solution for anticipating patient arrivals in the emergency department, planning the different stages of the patient’s journey, optimizing the staffing of care teams and saving time on bed placement.

Banking Solution

CALYPS Qockpit

CALYPS Qockpit is a high-performance, secure and documented solution that simplifies the management of retail and universal banks.


Our strength, our history

So our aim is to reduce the perceived distance between knowledge, confidence and the next best action to take, in the shortest possible time.


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