CELLAP LABORATOIRE is a Swiss company founded in the 1980s, specialized in cosmetic sciences. Excellence and Innovation are their key values.


Ensuring follow-up of cosmetic manufacturing

CELLAP LABORATOIRE manufactures high added-value skin cosmetics. The whole manufacturing process is handled on their production site in the region of Lausanne, Switzerland. A large amount of data related to quotations, orders, manufacturing, packaging, and expedition are collected. In more detail, it ensures the follow-up of all manufacturing action-related and makes sure that everything fits into the framework fixed with the clients, in terms of timeframe, quality, quantity, packaging, …

Need for easier data access and actionable data

If a lot of data are collected and stored, their access and leverage appear to be too complex for their analysis. CELLAP LABORATOIRE are collecting the data through a specialized software which does not give a global vision of the different activities. The need for a centralized platform aiming to automatically measure several key parameters and provide tangible data is high.


Modern tool and interactive dashboard

Qlik Sense, a modern BI solution was already used by CELLAP LABORATOIRE for the sales analysis. The objective was to extend the use of such a powerful tool to the rest of the activities of the enterprise. Also, CALYPS aimed to apply good backend and frontend development practice to optimize the performance of the tool and take advantages of its whole capacities.

Key performance indicator definition and representation

CALYPS guided CELLAP LABORATOIRE through the highly demanding process of need definition and documentation. Well-structured functional specifications were beneficial for both parties, in terms of knowledge management for CELLAP LABORATOIRE and to understand how the activities are carried out within the enterprise for CALYPS. Daily refreshed and reconciled data are represented according to the client request in different interactive dashboards and ensure the follow-up and control of the manufacturing activities. Controlled governance secures the access to the dashboards to authorized persons.


The added value of the solutions built and deployed by CALYPS provides :

The automated collection and reconciliation of data from several data sources

Fine analysis of constantly updated, coherent, unified and reliable data

Ease of exploration and visualization of key performance indicator

Quick and easy access to value-added information

Accurate documentation for efficient knowledge sharing

Secure and multi-device dashboard access


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