Manage patient journeys by anticipating unplanned hospitalizations

The JOURNEY module allows to predict unscheduled hospitalizations, integrating them into the flow of scheduled activities and deducing their impact (length of stay, discharge dates, resources to be provided). Coupled with the HOSPITALIZATIONS module, it optimizes bed allocation and significantly reduces the time spent by care teams on bed management.

In black, the automated stretcher control, in purple the time spent in the emergency service, in yellow the intermediate accommodation, in blue (or green depending on gender) the hospital stay.
In black, the steps already taken, in turquoise blue the predicted steps as well as the discharge modes (check out or hospitalization), in red the COVID patients.

Plan patient journeys by predicting unscheduled hospitalizations, anticipating their impact and improving efficiency of the related services

Key features

CALYPS Saniia’s AI solution reduces coordination time between upstream and downstream service teams. It facilitates resource planning, simplifies flow management, maximizes bed occupancy and limits unwanted stays. It also reduces the workload of the nursing staff.

Regardless of the size of the healthcare institution, the JOURNEY module provides:

Recommendations for patient journeys to absorb unscheduled hospitalizations, while respecting the constraints of scheduled activities

Automated stretcher scheduling

Predictions about length of stay and discharge dates for each type of stay


- 10%

ST hospitalizations not required

- 10%

unwanted accommodations

- 10%

accommodation not required (average)

+ 2 hours

per day per emergency physician (average)


Automated generation of patient journeys

Anticipation of length of stay and discharge dates

Dynamic, multi-screen dashboards, sorted by function

Record&Verify system for each KPI (predictions generated, reality measured, error rate)


JOURNEY requires the DATA SOCKET module. Some functionalities are only available when the EMERGENCIES and/or HOSPITALIZATIONS and/or COCKPIT modules are activated.

24 months of data history are required for optimal operation.

Thanks to the know-how and professionalism of the CALYPS team, their AI solution has allowed us to identify tangible ROI. Given the promising results, we wish to make CALYPS Saniia available to all major departments of our hospital.

Frédéric BRABANT

Director of Performance at Valenciennes General Hospital

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