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Forbes : Hospital Patient Flow Optimization

First, let’s consider the impact of digital technology on health. Hospitals are transforming, becoming more responsive. CALYPS is leading this digital revolution in hospital patient flow optimization, as highlighted in this Forbes Business interview available on our YouTube channel. Innovation at the Core To begin with, AI and automation are changing the game. CALYPS uses

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Data maturity, step 5: the transformed organization

Warning: Despite current readings, few organizations have reached the last stage of data maturity. However ambitious, this is the ultimate goal for most transforming businesses. At this stage: Machine learning is mature. Data used is clean and regularly updated. Operational teams have extensive data science skills. Earlier, employees were trained to use data for internal

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Data maturity, step 4: Forecasts or predictions

In today’s digital era, businesses journey through a complex path to data maturity. This journey, vital for efficient data use, involves key steps. This article explores two essential milestones. Data Reconciliation: A Step Toward Unified Truth and Forecasts or Predictions Firstly, data reconciliation. This key step achieves the SPOT, or Single Point of Truth. How?

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Physicians’ administrative tasks continue to increase

The increase in administrative tasks is probably amongst the main reasons why doctors’ job satisfaction has steadily declined since 2011 in Switzerland, as reported by the last annual survey of hospital doctors published by the gfs.bern institute on behalf of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH). Recent positive trends can be observed though: A survey conducted

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Tages Anzeiger (FOKUS) 20.11.2020

Enough hospital beds thanks to Big Data The Tages-Anzeiger published on 20.11.2020 in the FOKUS supplement dedicated to the future of technology an article about Calyps and its artificial intelligence specialized in the optimization of patient flows within the hospital. An article that goes beyond a simple description! Tages Anzeiger / FOKUS :  20.11.2020

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