Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, Clinique de La Source is the region's leading private multidisciplinary acute-care facility in terms of inpatient and outpatient capacity. Constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of patients, doctors and staff, as well as to technological developments, the Clinique makes it a point of honor to perpetuate its traditions of welcome and quality throughout its patients' care. This ongoing quest improvement applies to all areas, whether directly related to nursing care or not.


Improving performance and reporting

La Source has set itself the goal of improving the quality and efficiency of patient services and increasing the comfort level of its employees by monitoring factors such as appointment scheduling, waiting times, room occupancy rates, medical report preparation times, financial monitoring at all levels, etc.

The case of the radiology department

Radiologists perform radiological examinations for diagnostic purposes. They also specialize in osteoarticular and vascular pathology, as well as in radiation oncology to administer interventional radiology treatments.


Centralized data for performance analysis

Given the wide range of activities linked to radiological activity, and the ever-increasing generation and diversity of data, it was imperative to put in place a reliable data analysis solution that met management needs.

It was in this precise context that La Source called on the skills of the CALYPS team to set up dashboards for the management of radiological activities. These now provide reliable indicators that facilitate decision-making in 3 main areas:

  1. Technical
  2. Patient management
  3. Financial

To achieve this 360° vision, the solution integrates both data strictly related to radiology (source: EDL) and data providing a comprehensive view of performance, notably in terms of sales (source: OPALE).

For the purposes of improving knowledge management, each indicator is
described. The documentation can be accessed directly online.

CALYPS expertise in the medical sector

Thanks to its experience, CALYPS was able to understand CLS’s specific needs, manage the complexity of reconciling multi-source data, and handle the sheer volume of data involved. All this, while ensuring the protection of personal data and sensitive information in line with CLS’s security protocol.

Right from the analysis phase, CALYPS’ questions led the radiology team to reflect on the procedures and methods for patient support and report writing. This in-depth analysis helped to optimize working time and internal organization.

The tool: Qlik Sense

Thanks to its associative engine and flexible data integration, Qlik Sense has created a central data model that can be reused to set up specific dashboards. This tool enables data to be freely explored, giving access to information that would not be available with a standard, query-based BI tool.

Due to the intuitive nature of Qlik Sense and the relevance of the dashboards implemented, the consultation rate of the dashboards deployed is high.

I used to spend a lot of time creating queries and activity reports to obtain the information I needed to manage my department.

Thanks to the dashboards developed by the CALYPS team and the chosen BI tool, this information is available on a daily basis and with the required reliability and consistency. All this with minimal effort on my part.

Easier access to information has enabled me to take proactive measures, with the aim of improving the services provided to patients.

Head of Department, Radiology Institute
Chief Financial Officer, Clinique de La Source

With the centralization and reconciliation of the financial information I needed in a single dashboard, it’s much easier and more efficient for me to monitor the radiology department’s financial activity, and to activate the right levers at the right time.


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