Data maturity, step 4: Forecasts or predictions

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In today’s digital era, businesses journey through a complex path to data maturity. This journey, vital for efficient data use, involves key steps. This article explores two essential milestones.

Data Reconciliation: A Step Toward Unified Truth and Forecasts or Predictions

Firstly, data reconciliation. This key step achieves the SPOT, or Single Point of Truth. How? By implementing a data warehouse or lake. This strategy streamlines data storage and integration from multiple sources. The result? A holistic view of operations, clients, and performance. By centralizing data, businesses gain clarity and efficiency.

Data Culture: A Common Story for All Next, data culture.

When data starts telling a story common to all employees, something unique happens. This culture gradually spreads within the organization. This stage marks the end of limited data access. Now, with accurate data, teams share more information, with both clients and suppliers. However, this openness requires effective data governance to fully seize these opportunities.

The Emergence of Intelligence in the HoReCa

Sector Take a concrete example: the HoReCa sector (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafés). Here, advanced algorithms transform supply forecasting and tourist flow management. These tools optimize work processes, based on time series data.

Live Demo: Forecasting Flows in the HoReCa Sector

Don’t miss Calyps’s thirty-minute demo, led by two data experts. Mathieu Lorenzato, COO at Calyps, and Sélim Amrari, data scientist, present crucial predictions for the HoReCa sector, aiming to synchronize peak activity with available resources.

Join the Conversation: Q&A Session Finally, a Q&A session led by Marco Brienza, president of LaData association, awaits you. It’s a golden opportunity to deepen your understanding and ask questions.

Watch the webinar on forecasts or predictions here to explore these concepts and interact with experts. This event is essential for those interested in data maturity evolution and the impact of data intelligence in business.

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