Physicians’ administrative tasks continue to increase


The increase in administrative tasks is probably amongst the main reasons why doctors’ job satisfaction has steadily declined since 2011 in Switzerland, as reported by the last annual survey of hospital doctors published by the gfs.bern institute on behalf of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH). Recent positive trends can be observed though:

  • A survey conducted by the Young Swiss Family Doctors (JHaS) among its members shows that three quarters of the respondents are employed in practices with two to five doctors. This desire for flexibility and work pooling has a downside: the multiplication of data useful for the monitoring of their activities. 
  • According to the gfs.bern eHealth Barometer 2020, a majority of physicians in practices (58%) as well as home care services (50%) are not convinced that organizations working with patient, client and resident data respect data protection, unlike hospital physicians (see results below).

A trust problem that must be resolved quickly with the advent of an electronic patient record (EPR) expected this year in French-speaking Switzerland.

Mediway & Qlinik: the power of coordinated information 

Among available computer programs, a complete solution for doctors’ offices and medical centers exists: Mediway, developed by Logival. Serving the medical ecosystem since 2013, CALYPS has developed Qlinik for Mediway, a dashboard allowing to:

  • reconcile data coming from different sources;
  • establish benefit statements by physician;
  • distribute sensitive information within an organization, on screen or through sharable PDF reports, whether it is a doctor’s office or a medical center;
  • for medical centers with an emergency service, provide predictions of expected admissions in the next 5 (to 7) days, including staffing recommendations.

This last point often attracts the attention (of doctors, medical center directors, CFO or CIO), since the artificial intelligence embedded in the Emergency module of Qlinik for Mediway contributes to the relief of medical staff, who benefit from a better team distribution in connection with the anticipation of future activity peaks. The objective of our approach — improving the quality of work life — is met while respecting the important constraint of ROI, also taken into account.

Qlinik for Mediway: next workshops in Basel & Zurich

CALYPS will present the solution Qlinik for Mediway at the inspiring Qlik Discovery & Booster Days presented by our partner INFORMATEC on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 in Basel and Thursday, October 28, 2021 in Zurich . A live demo of our tool is planned, including the Emergency module and its 5-day predictions showing admissions as well as the related staffing recommendations. All powered by CALYPS Saniia’s AI engine. 

Registration for Basel is open, register now! Attention please: limited number of seats available.