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A Vaccine for Hospital Tension?

Hospital tension (or stress) is commonly understood to mean overuse or overburdening of available resources, whether material or human. However, it is undeniable that, whatever the trade, working under high tension can be unpleasant. If the word Tension has been on the lips of hospital care workers for many years, it has recently contaminated political

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When the first citizen of Switzerland meets Calyps

The use of health data has become a major challenge that should empower the emergence of innovative services to provide better quality of care, while reducing costs. Nowadays, most of the data remains in silos, which jeopardizes interoperability and restricts the ability to innovate. On August 4, CALYPS — represented by its CEO Tony Germini — welcomed

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Greetings 2021

2020, a year to forget ? A year ago, when everything was “normal”, when the world was only concerned about the global warming (or was it?), when we could fly and travel like never before, we wrote in our year-end greetings that 2020 will be the year of CALYPS (or will not be). Well, we

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