Medicalytics 2023 : Patient Journey Innovations


Introduction: The Vanguard of Health

Discover the impact of the latest innovations on the patient journey at the Medicalytics 2023 Conference on September 28. This essential event, dedicated to health professionals and enthusiasts, focuses on health innovation, decentralized care, and cutting-edge technologies.

Key Innovations and Revolution in the Patient Journey

Immerse yourself in the presentations of Etienne Thenon (KHEOPS Technologies) and Mathieu Lorenzato (CALYPS Data Intelligence) on the revolution in the patient journey. Learn how technology is redefining the patient experience, from admission to discharge from the operating room.

Dive into the Innovation of Decentralized Care

Dominique Truchot-Cardot and various health experts have explored emerging trends in decentralized care, including the use of low-tech technologies in emergencies and the decentralization of the drug validation process.

Significant Health Revolution

The innovation workshop, led by Thierry Dagaeff (H4), highlighted the innovative ideas of Maddalena di Meo (Firstmed SA), Christophe Compondu (HUG), and Patrick Pestalozzi (MindMaze), emphasizing the evolution of healthcare.

Engagement, Transformation & Action

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A New Horizon for Healthcare

The Medicalytics 2023 Conference was a catalyst for rethinking the future of healthcare. It highlighted the importance of innovation in improving and personalizing healthcare.

Explore Beyond Medicalytics 2023: Patient Journey Innovations

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In conclusion, this day has been an invaluable source of inspiration. Thank you to all the speakers and participants for these moments of exchange and sharing! Your presence and contributions have made this Medicalytics 2023 event memorable.