thanks to its many achievements, CALYPS has gained strong expertise in decision-making and data intelligence, particularly in the fields of health, banking , Industry and Services.



There is no" best solution "universal.   Each of our clients has a specific infrastructure, skills, know-how and NEEDS. The best solution of Data Intelligence is that which responds to the closest needs of each of them: it is therefore by definition Unique.   That being said, any Data Intelligence solution should be planned in every Detail. A thorough analysis is paramount and a preparation phase is required: above all, it is a matter of understanding the value chain, analyzing its mechanics and identifying where the problem is (or, as the consultant would say, "where the pain points Stand") .   CALYPS, through its many years of experience, is able to bring its expertise and its know-how to help its clients to identify and successfully deploy the solution best suited to its needs.

  • What are the measurable indicators to be produced?
  • Do they have an influence on the value chain?
  • What are the source data?
  • Are they complete?
  • Can we complete them?
  • How to collect information?
  • According to which cycle, how often?
  • What transformation should be brought?
  • How to reconcile existing data?
  • How to manage heterogeneity?
  • How to normalize or de-normalize?
  • How to open the silos?
  • Should we develop internally or outsource?
  • How to ensure consistency of information?
  • How to ensure the relevance of indicators?
  • How to maintain, how to evolve?
  • How to evaluate the solution of data intelligence?
  • How to ensure relevance over time?
  • How to take the indicators?
  • How to share them?
  • How to view them?
  • How do I integrate them into my operational systems?
  • Cloud, Hybrid or local?
  • How to manage archiving?

  These are just a few of the questions that we deal with our clients and to which we bring concrete answers.   This stage of preparation is too often neglected. The company too often takes the most "rational" solution based on existing infrastructure and SYSTEMS. This choice, if it can be positive in the very short term, presents significant risks in terms of loss of confidence:

  • Indicators do not corroborate operational reality
  • The implementation that seemed so "simple" ultimately turns out to be more complex
  • The information being reassembled is not usable

  In the long run, this choice may make the Data Intelligence solution totally inappropriate or even unusable. This usually results in a pure and simple abandonment by the Users.   CALYPS assists its clients in the preparation, development, deployment and evolutionary support/maintenance phases:

  • We provide them with advice and support
  • We support them throughout the life cycle of their solutions
  • We are making them benefit from innovations to solve their challenges

Our experts offer a high quality service that meets the expectations expressed by our Customers. They work on site, close to the Action.   If you are looking for expert BI experts in
[vc_column_text] CALYPS can help!   Holder of a certificate LSE (law on Service and Employment) issued by SECO, CALYPS can give you the benefit of its experts of high level, competent, conscientious and motivated, able to strengthen your teams by providing them with their expertise in Business Intelligence. [/vc_column_text]

Calyps guarantees

  • Upgrade skills to meet your needs
  • The flexibility of assignment adapted to your constraints
  • Monitoring Mission objectives
  • Ongoing internal and external training
  • Our network support to our technical partners

  In combination with your team, you benefit from support, at home or from our platform, when carrying out your projects in the form of a Board.  

The CALYPS experts

  • Junior Consultant 1 to 2 years experience


  • Confirmed Consultant 2 to 4 years experience


  • Senior Consultant > 4 years experience


  • Project Manager > 15 years of experience


  • Business analyst > 15 years of experience

  finally, beyond its experts, CALYPS has established active partnerships with the Swiss UNI/HES who are particularly committed to recruiting and integrating young graduates in order to increase their skills with the help of our most Experienced.



Commitment to our customers is a reality: find out what they think of our Business & Data intelligence solutions, How they use them, what they appporté and why they were convinced by their efficiency.


Data Intelligence is intended for managers, decision-makers and business Executives. This is the implementation of the means, tools and methods to provide useful information to decide and act with full knowledge of the Facts. Put all the odds on your side by relying on data professionals.

CALYPS experts are here to help you