Knowing how to collect without getting lost

With or without Master Data Management (or MDM), it is advisable to collect at least all relevant data passing through the company’s information system. However, not all of them are of equal importance. To this end, if it is necessary to organize in advance, it is essential to filter them according to short, medium or long-term needs. Our CALYPS experts help you to collect, normalize, reconcile and consolidate ALL your operational or social data in a sustainable way, without sinking into the gas plant. Once properly collected, you will be able to analyse and use them.

Collect and Reconcile

In a company coexist a large number of data (even information, i.e. data that have been contextualized) heterogeneous in various formats and varied (sometimes even exotic). These data are usually in “silos” that do not communicate with each other.
So it’s about collecting all the heterogeneous data stored in these silos, characterize them (on the basis of an MDM if it is defined, but one can do without in the first steps), to filter them (according to predefined criteria), to make them Compatible with each other (according to standardization rules), to reconcile them (i.e. to establish a logical and coherent link between them) and to centralize them in a data warehouse (or DWH ) or on a file System.
Our experts rely mainly on QLIK technology to perform all extraction, transformation and loading (or ETL) operations.


Nowadays the data is endogenous and exogenous: there is the data generated by the company and the data that revolve around the Company. Thus with the emergence of social networks, The resulting information can no longer be ignored or put Aside.
Furthermore, other relevant external data can now be taken into account, such as sociodemographic data, weather data, competition data, Open Data, official statistics , societal data…
Thanks to the expertise of our experts this exogenous data (or even this information) is no longer ignored. Combined in a judicious manner with company-specific data, They provide additional information that (at a minimum) refines the perception of reality, which leads to more informed (and thus more coherent) decisions and actions More targeted (thus more efficient).
Our experts rely mainly on QLIK technology to carry out all enrichment operations.

Historise & sustain

Once collected and enriched, the data (now Information) must be sustained and maintained permanently available, in order to guarantee a historical depth necessary for the Analysis.
However, sustainability can quickly be complex to manage depending on the volume of data to be stored and/or the amount of information to be Maintained. Without a systematic and rational approach, without a coherent and consequent archiving, sustainability is simply not possible.
Here again our experts rely mainly on the QLIK technology to carry out all the operations of logging and Durability.

Your data is valuable!

Data Intelligence is intended for managers, decision-makers and business leaders. It is the means, the tools and the methods designed to provide valuable information to take a decision and act. Put all the chances on your side by relying on data professionals.

CALYPS experts are here to help you