Beyond data intelligence



Data assets are growing exponentially but our human ability to utilise them effectively has not kept pace. The traditional means (such as caching, batch jobs, pre-aggregation, sampling & de-resolution, long information request cycles, etc. ) simply do not cut it anymore – they are WAY too slow and incomplete.
This problem is real, huge, affects everyone and needs fixing ! Data volumes are going through the roof – and are more and more complex to manage. Using Artificial Intelligence (or AI) to handle this problem will be the next big thing in healthcare and CALYPS intends to be an important part of it !

High complexity & information overload

The challenge we are trying to solve is not an easy one !
In the planning of scheduled (or not) activities, especially those related to operating room management for ambulatory and/or emergency surgery, processes and humans are not as effective as they should be because they cannot manage the large amounts of information and rapidly changing circumstances that lead to reactive planning, often ineffective actions, high costs and even sometimes risks to patients…

What we aim to solve

Low efficiency in hospital operations – largely because vast amounts of data are not used well
Humans not being able to effectively extracting the benefits of data fully
Poor economics and errors that result from not using data well – unnecessarily so
Unintended consequences of human decisions which are driven by incomplete information

Our role

Help clients perform better with our AI based tools designed to extract their data’s potential
Through our AI tools, achieve high efficiencies, high quality work and better economics


To solve this challenge, we need to do more than “just” data processing. The CALYPS Artificial Intelligence (or CALAI) learns, optimizes, predicts, decides and triggers actions ! This leads in an automated fashion to steps to be taken, by people and other systems.
This unique approach removes the bottleneck between slow and incomplete data handling, judgements and corresponding decisions and actions taken by humans – in an extraordinarily fast manner.

Our Experts

To make is happen, we rely on our teams of experts (made up of system engineers, developers, data architects and data scientists). Moreover, considering the rapid evolution of algorithms and the numerous publications in this field, we have also entered into an academic partnership with HEIG-VD which ensures that we always benefit from the latest findings and know how. Through this partnership, we have access to a network of researchers which allows us to better understand how science evolves and to anticipate its impacts, not to mention the significant hindsight provided by their expertise.

Your data is valuable!

Data Intelligence is intended for managers, decision-makers and business leaders. It is the means, the tools and the methods designed to provide valuable information to take a decision and act. Put all the chances on your side by relying on data professionals.

CALYPS experts are here to help you