Analyse and understand

Once collected, the data (or information) is optimally organised to analyse and understand the underlying reality of the company. The analysis is intended to be agnostic and must be based solely on data.
Operating the resulting Key Business Indicators (or KBI) and Key Performance Indicators (or KPI) gives the company a clear and synthetic view of the situation, allowing to identify the factors influencing the progress of the business and to act in full knowledge of the measured facts.

Identify & Analyse

Once the data (or information) has been collected and organised in a rational way, it becomes easy to analyse the ins and outs with a focus on the factors that influence the business.
In collaboration with the company’s employees who have the most relevant business understanding, our experts will use these indications, combine them with their statistical know-how and use technology to update influencing factors, identify possible correlations and understand the actionable levers.
Our experts rely mainly on QLIK technology to analyse and highlight the factors influencing the company’s performance (both operational and financial) and the actionable levers that can limit their impact.

Elaborate & Activate

Once the influencing factors have been identified, it is easy to identify the indicators (KBI and/or KBI) that will enable employees (at all levels) to better understand their reality and act accordingly.
All the relevant KBI or KPI are integrated into different dashboards specific to each layer of the company. In all cases each of these dashboards is designed to give in a glance an easy understanding of the situation without requiring any particular explanation.
Each KBI or KPI is designed to help to take a decision and act if necessary. Finally, each of the dashboards is duly validated before being activated, because trust is essential !


As soon as the dashboards are validated and operational, it is essential to be able to measure the actions that could be decided if a threshold (for a given KBI or KPI) is reached. The threshold can be calculated or set arbitrarily. In any case, the impact of the decided actions must be measurable and our experts do their utmost to ensure that this is effectively the case.
That is why our experts do not simply create indicators: they also make sure that they meet all the expected conditions of relevance and coherence, and that any action (decided on the basis of the displayed values) is effectively measurable.
Our experts rely mainly on QLIK technology to build data models to capture the impacts of decisions made. These data models use all the power of the patented QIX associative engine.

Your data is valuable!

Data Intelligence is intended for managers, decision-makers and business leaders. It is the means, the tools and the methods designed to provide valuable information to take a decision and act. Put all the chances on your side by relying on data professionals.

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