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    Organizations are struggling to get the ROI they expect from big data initiatives 

    Building a repository is just a starting point

CALYPS helps companies to harness all their data

Whether structured or not, under control or not, enriched or not, data now constitute an essential asset that any company must harness to extract relevant information. CALYPS provides its customers with high-performance, reliable and trusted data intelligence solutions that enable them to better understand their reality, measure their performance and anticipate future changes !

And we go even a step further by developing and industrialising an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
specialised in planning activities (scheduled or not)

Your data is valuable!

Data Intelligence is intended for managers, decision-makers and business leaders. It is the means, the tools and the methods designed to provide valuable information to take a decision and act. Put all the chances on your side by relying on data professionals.

CALYPS experts are here to help you

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With the Associative engine at its core, and new augmented intelligence capabilities supporting the user, Qlik Sense helps anyone discover insights that query-based BI tools simply miss, driving data literacy for all skill levels. Freely search and explore across all your data, instantly pivoting your analysis when new ideas surface.

Take advantage of machine suggestions and automation powered by the Qlik cognitive engine. And get total flexibility with a multi-cloud data analytics platform that supports the full spectrum of BI use cases – ideal for any analyst, team or global enterprise.

Go for the experience!

With its highly qualified experts, CALYPS knows how to manage your data intelligence issues at all levels: whether it is strategic consulting, benchmarking or due diligence, technical support or post-project monitoring.
Over the years, the CALYPS experts have acquired recognised and certified expertise in data analytics. As these are constantly evolving, we pay particular attention to continuous training.
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CALYPS QLIK specialisation
CALYPS QLIK specialisation

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