2020, a year to forget ?

A year ago, when everything was « normal », when the world was mostly concerned about the global warming (or was it?), when we could fly and travel like never before, we wrote in our year-end greetings that 2020 will be the year of CALYPS (or will not be). Well, 2020 not exactly was what we were hoping for, but in any case what a year it was !
Now that we are at the end of 2020 and our Deep Learning based Forecast solution (running live since September 2019) has experienced two waves of COVID, two lockdowns, several quarantines and has been « challenged » to adapt to a whole new paradigm totally unthinkable, we can look back and see the situation with new eyes.
But to get to this point, once again, what a long way we’ve come! We had to rethink everything and never take it for granted. We had to evolve our technical infrastructure to meet new challenges, we had to revise our operating methods and supervision, we had to innovate and produce completely new algorithms. All this was not easy task, for sure, but we have achieved it with some success, it must be said.

2020 : 365 days or 8’760 hours of predictions

On the right, you will find a short animation of a year’s worth of predictions in a sizable emergency service. We focus here only on patient admissions which depends both on internal and external factors. This is here only a small fraction of all the predictions that our solution mediCAL.ai produces daily ( as discharges, stress, hospitalizations, imagery, etc.).. It is simply intended to show the relevance of our forecasts in a period as unpredictable as the year 2020.
What can be stated is that making sensible predictions is not as easy as some might say: there are no magic tools! You can use all the artificial intelligence automated solutions that GAFAM is able to provide (among other solution editors), there is no guarantee of adequate results if the underlying concept is not well designed, evolved and maintained. Not to mention the magic ingredient that transforms artificial intelligence into something truly unique! And for that ingredient, you must innovate and think outside the box.

From 2020 to 2021

The year 2020 has therefore been very productive for CALYPS. In addition to our artificial intelligence solution for hospitals, to our COVID forecasts, we have worked a lot on data intelligence, particularly in the banking and the healthcare sectors. Our experts have been involved in many interesting projects where their expertise has been in high demand.
All this experience has strengthened their know-how and increased their confidence in solving our clients’ challenges. Speacking of challenge, CALYPS also had to face some « air holes » during this year, holes that we were able to overcome thanks to our resilience and persistence.
2021 is the year of our 20th anniversary. Before all we will celebrate it with you! Then 2021 will allow us to deploy our solutions, which have become robust and mature, in the world of healthcare, but also in the banking world. Finally, we are going to innovate even more: at the end of the day, we have been innovating for our customers for 20 years. It is in our genes, so we are not about to stopit now.

The whole CALYPS team wishes you happy holidays and a happy new year 2021!

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